strategic planning approach

We have over 30 years of experience in enterprise-wide strategic planning. These skills have been applied in government, non- profit, and private sector organizations.

We start with the identification, capture, and analysis of the enterprise mission, vision, and strategic objectives and, from this vantage point, derive a strategic plan based on the findings of an environmental scan (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Treats SWOT). This always involves significant interaction with, and buy-in from, the enterprise key executives.

While our approach strongly relies on team effort, it also recognizes the need to provide the material needed to make progress. We provide the overall project plan and data collection/analysis methodology. We also provide sample and draft products in order to keep the effort on track and keep it focused on producing a strategic plan that provides actionable direction for the enterprise. Generally, if we have ready access to the enterprises key stakeholders, a strategic plan can be drafted in about four weeks. Finalization of the Plan is dependent on the approval process and the number of individuals involved in that process


example services

  1. Strategic planning workshops
  2. Mission alignment/flow-down workshops
  3. Portfolio management and evaluation


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strategic planning experience

  • Long range planning for an annual $85B+ in public programs for the US Senate Appropriations Committee, including long-range NASA, NSF, and HUD planning.  
  • Evaluation of the strategic fit and importance of new business opportunities, including transit, Internet, and health care for Harris Corporation.  
  • Leading the strategic plan on the space deployable antennae business for Harris Corporation.
  • Development of the strategic plan of the Office of General Counsel for Harris Corporate Headquarters.
  • Inputs to the Department of Homeland Security strategic plan.  
  • Development of a strategic plan and contract for the Information Technology services of Harris Corporation.  
  • Development of strategic planning and portfolio management methodologies for Harris Corporation.
  • Development of a strategic plan for the American Red Cross of Brevard County. 
  • Development of components of the strategic plan for Mentoring in Medicine.  
  • Development of a strategic planning process for a Virginia-based women’s health and birthing center.