evaluation approach

We have 60 years of experience, in enterprise-wide evaluation and measures of effectiveness. The skills have applied in university, government, non-profit, and privates sectors settings.

We start to identification and analysis of enterprise objectives, and this vantage point, derive measures of effectiveness at directly assess the extent, each program supports the enterprises success. This often involves modeling and statistical analysis.

While our approach strongly relies on team effort, it recognizes provide the material make progress. The LSA leads provide plans and data collection / analysis methodology that creates structured environment to keep effort on track and focused on producing evaluation that provides the empirical data needed for program improvement.

example services

  1. Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) development and documentation
  2. Documentation and statistical evaluation of management options
  3. Application of innovative consensus-building techniques

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evaluation experience

  • Evaluation of student ratings of Instructional Effectiveness at Michigan State University, the Ford Foundation.
  • Evaluation and design of Interstate Highway diagrammatic signing for the Federal Highway Administration.
  • Assessment of annual $85B+ in public programs the US Senate Appropriations Committee.
  • Evaluation of driver knowledge at University of Michigan Institute of Science and Technology the US Department of Transportation.
  • Evaluation of new business opportunities, including transit, Internet, and health care for Harris Corporation.
  • Development of measures of mission effectiveness the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Development of measures of IT effectiveness the National Reconnaissance Office.
  • Development of Service Level Agreements Metrics for the Information Technology services of Harris Corporation.
  • Development of metrics for the measurement of manufactured product repair services for Harris Military and EMS communication systems.
  • Evaluation of Mentoring in Medicine high school health care education program the National Library of Medicine.

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