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We are management consulting firm that brings people together, based on unique approach, in order to develop the basic tools of effective organization.

We only accept engagements can significantly improve the mission effectiveness of organization and the employees work environment. We use team-oriented approach, where we provide facilitation, methodology, and draft product development. We do the administrative work as well as provide the creative framework and products to guide the teams efforts.

We make it possible for organization achieve the benefit of good management practices. We have decades of successful experience in four key areas required for effective organization:


  • Formalizing and communicating the organization’s Strategy, Goals, and Objectives
  • Establishing short and long-term plans for achieving the organization’s goals
  • Assessing each program’s alignment with the organization’s objectives


  • Developing definition of, and buy-in to, specific evaluation measures
  • Defining portfolio management methodology and plan
  • Verifying program success (including ROI) and impact


  • Increased reliability, quality and efficiency allowing the organization to more with less
  • Accommodating new environments, competition, stakeholders, and technology
  • Standardizing processes to improve program and stakeholder oversight



  • Improving the predictability of schedules and costs
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Optimizing staff and resources utilization 



  • Museum design and management
  • Optimizing organizational effectiveness to maximize the mission
  • Governing the organization and engaging the board and volunteers
  • Controlling finances and providing transparency for donors

psychological services

  • Psychological personality / interest testing
  • Professional coaching and development
  • Workplace sensitivity, harassment and cultural training

Services are uniquely tailored to meet customer requirements

The co-founders of LSA have 60 years at experience in successfully lead problem solving team, at enterprise and tactical levels for organization sizes. We use team-oriented approach provide facilitation, methodology, and these draft product development. The administratives work as well as provide creative framework and products to guide teams efforts.


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