process improvement approach

We have over 40 years of experience in the development and improvement of work processes. These skills have been applied in government, private sector, and non-profit organizations.

We provide a range of process services, including As-Is process capture, To-Be process definition, process governance, process implementation, and process maturity measurement. 

While our approach strongly relies on a cross functional team effort, it also recognizes the need to provide the material needed to make progress. We can provide the overall process development/improvement plan and methodology.   We also provide sample and draft products of process characterizations and all associated documentation and artifacts.

example services

  1. Process workshops: As-Is process capture and To-Be process definition
  2. Process governance and maturity measurement
  3. Process performance goals and metrics


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process improvement experience

  • Development of a process for making government decisions in times of national crisis.
  • Development of national assisted housing needs for the US Senate Appropriations Committee. 
  • Assessment of CMMI, ITIL, and organizational process maturity at numerous Harris Corporation divisions.    
  • Development and implementation of a Business Process Management methodology for use by all Harris Corporation business units for process improvement activities.
  • Development and implementation of a model of organizational maturity for the IT organization at Harris Corporation.
  • Development and implementation of the service management processes for 20 IT services at Harris Corporation.
  • Development of a new product development process for Harris Corporate Headquarters.
  • Development of a portfolio management process for Harris Corporate Headquarters.
  • Development of a maintenance and service process for the military and EMS radio business at Harris Corporation.  
  • Development of equipment maintenance and provisioning model for the Census Bureau. 
  • Development of processes for the creation of geo-spatial products for the US government.  
  • Development of a process for expanding the scope of the Mentoring In Medicine program in New York City.